Wedding Dress Journey

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is buying your dress on time. We often find that brides aren’t sure how long it can take to receive your dress after ordering it, and it’s better to have time to spare than to be stressed about your dress in the weeks leading up to your special day. For brides getting started on this exciting journey, here is a timeline to guide you through wedding dress shopping. 

After You Get Engaged


Congratulations! You’ve said yes, and now it’s time to get to planning. Finding your dress is certainly at the top of your to-do list, but we also recommend taking care of a few other major things early on -- namely, the venue and date! Before you start wedding dress shopping, having these two factors decided will help you start visualizing what your wedding day will look like, which, in turn, will tell you about the season and setting of your special day. This is particularly important if you know you’d want a different dress for different venues. 

10-12 Months Out


We recommend that you book your dress shopping appointments 10-12 months out from your wedding date. While this may sound long, it’s important to remember that your wedding dress is a high-quality garment made to order just for you. From sourcing materials to constructing each piece to your liking, your designer will need several months to craft your gown after you order it.

After the Dress Arrives


Once your dress arrives, you will likely opt for some alterations. The alterations process normally takes about two months, during which we’ll schedule a few fittings to ensure your gown fits flawlessly. Alterations are a necessary step to creating the bridal look of your dreams, because this process ensures that each piece of the dress is tailored precisely to your figure, from the curve of the neckline to the hit of the hem at your shoes. 


It’s not just the dress, it’s the dream. Book an appointment at Sara Loree’s to get started on your experience of a lifetime!