Prom Ambassador at Sara Lorees



What is a Prom Ambassador? 💕

A Sara Loree’s  Prom Ambassador is a stylish, fun, and friendly representative for our 2020 Prom Season. If you love taking selfies, social media, and modeling in fashion shoots we want you on our prom ambassador team! Ambassadors will distribute information regarding prom trends and fashions, upcoming events, and sales or promotions at Sara Loree's. In return….ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn a FREE Prom dress of their choice from our store!


How are prom ambassadors chosen? ✨

Each school will have 2 ambassadors chosen and the program is open to all schools. To be eligible, you must be a senior or junior student. You must purchase your prom gown from Sara Loree’s and must complete your prom ambassador application by December 1st, 2019.


Benefits of being a Prom Ambassador:

You will have your first choice of prom dresses with the option to put your dress on layaway with 30% down. Earn $15 off your dress for each referral turned in with a prom dress purchase. The more referrals, the closer you are to earning your dream dress! If you buy your prom dress before your referrals come in you will be reimbursed by May 15th, 2020. A Prom dress photoshoot will be scheduled TBA.


Bonus Points: 1 point for every social media post referring to Sara Loree’s. (Maximum of 40 posts per month) For every 20 points save an additional $10 off your prom dress.) Make sure that every post on Instagram you tag @lbridal



Fill out the application: CLICK HERE✌

Ambassadors will be selected based on their application. We announce all of our winners by December 9th, 2019. 



Applications must be completed and submitted by December 1st, 2019. Applicants must be junior or senior in High School. Ambassadors will be chosen at Sara Loree’s discretion. Ambassadors must have all the following social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook.  Ambassador must meet the minimum social media post requirements of 2 posts per week of the dresses available at Sara Loree’s (information and images will be available, as well the ability to come in to try on and take photos on their own time). All referral cards and discounts must be applied by May 1st 2020. Ambassadors will receive their first choice of Prom dress with the option to put your dress on with layaway with 30% down. Earn $15 off your dress for each referral card redeemed with a prom dress purchase with the ability to earn bonus points for social media posts. This means you could get your prom dress FREE! A refund of the amount earned in referrals and points will be given to each eligible ambassadors account by May 15th, 2020. All outstanding balances of accounts are required to be paid by May 1st in order for the ambassador to receive her gown.

CLICK HERE to apply!