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Prom Designers

"It's Not Just The Dress It's The Dream"

At Sara Loree's we know that the prom industry is almost always changing rapidly. As trends in prom change as quickly as the years do, we aspire to provide a collection of prom dresses to fit as many prom-goers as possible.

Looking for inspiration for the new prom season? Check out those who took Sara Loree's to prom last year on our socials.

You might notice that we don't post every dress in our inventory to our website, that's because our inventory of dresses is always changing. Visit the designer websites for ideas, our socials for all our favorite styles, or call the store for specific gown availability!

Don't see the style you're looking for?

Contact us to check if the dress you're looking for is among our in-store inventory (we have more than 500 dresses in stock)!

A consultant can also check live designer inventories to see if we can order the dress specifically for you.

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